Awakening Hair Care Management’s founder, Nicole Marshall, grew up in Northern Virginia as the middle child in a blended family of seven children and she always stood out from the crowd. With a vivacious personality, creative mindset and exotic beauty, the spotlight naturally beckoned her.

Whether she a fashion or mannequin model; theatrically acting in school or church plays; or hosting various events, Nicole could always be counted on to captivate an audience. But Nicole is more than just a pretty face. She is also a certified makeup artist whose distinct personal style and interest in fashion only enhance her creative mentality.

Nicole’s creative vision extends to her preferred modes of self-expression, which includes writing poetry, songs, and screenplays. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she has excelled in the Real Estate industry, working her way from Leasing Consultant to Property Management, overseeing a multi-million dollar property housing 500 residents. Throughout her years in the corporate world, she never lost her love for the creative field.

When she became a mother in 2014, she put her successful, award-winning property management career on hold for six months to focus on raising her beautiful baby girl. And when post-partum and breastfeeding hormones wrought havoc on her body, leading to an aggressive case of alopecia, Nicole approached the situation in true Nicole fashion – with dignity, tenacity and a determination unlike any we’ve ever seen.

From the darkness of that diagnosis grew the seeds of recovery and regrowth, like a lotus flower blooming in the first, delicate rays of daylight. Awakening Hair Care Management was born.

These days, in addition to the demands of motherhood as well as teaching English to students in China in the early mornings, Nicole brings her creativity and business acumen to growing Awakening Hair Care Management into a premier beauty brand. In service of that goal, she is currently studying to become certified in Trichology, the branch of medical science and cosmetic study concerned with the health of the hair and scalp.

Nicole’s near-future goals also include publishing a line of children’s books that discuss and educate on various hair loss issues in a fun and empowering way.

Creating the Awakening Hair Care Management System ignited a passion in Nicole that she hasn’t felt since her days of dreaming about moving to Los Angeles in pursuit of a modeling and acting career. This gratifying journey has allowed her to not only become a better advocate for herself, but to make a lasting positive impact on people struggling with Alopecia and various other hair loss issues. You may not find her on the runway or television screen, but Nicole found something greater. She found her purpose in life living in her dream city.