Company Overview





Awakening Hair Care Management was borne of a very real need to address the issue of female hair loss. Businesswoman, writer and mother, Nicole Marshall, developed the Awakening Hair Care Management System after her own struggle with alopecia shortly after the birth of her daughter. After six months of successful nursing, what started out as light shedding quickly grew into full blown balding.

When dermatologists were unable to provide significant results nor provide answers to the mechanisms behind her affliction, Nicole took a more proactive approach to her treatment. After a revealing iridology reading (an analysis of the iris of the eye to determine a person’s state of health or diagnose a health problem) opened her eyes to the need to take care of her body both internally and externally, she began a holistic journey to regain her lost hair and sense of self.

Through painstaking research, a meticulous process of elimination and old fashioned trial and error, Nicole was able to identify the key ingredients and nutrients that promoted healthy hair growth. Creating a formula that would finally deliver the meaningful results that eluded her for so long.

Wanting to share her and countless others’ knowledge, experience and results with other women struggling with hair loss around the world, Nicole created Awakening Hair Care Management. This management system is an effective and holistic alopecia treatment system that includes a follicle stimulating hair serum as well as nourishing liquid vitamins that promote a healthy gut, aid internal inflammation and specifically target healthy hair growth. Whether you look to minimize hair shedding, address hair loss due to alopecia, or simply want to sustain your healthy hair. Awakening Hair Care’s products are designed to manage your hair loss and maintain your healthy hair from the inside out.

Because alopecia impacts women of all ethnicities, the Awakening Hair Care Management System was designed to be inclusive of all women and hair types. It is not a miracle cure; it is a nourishing long-term treatment system that, when used in conjunction with a holistic approach that prioritizes self-care and stress management, can produce meaningful results.

Awakening Hair Care is more than just its product line. As a brand, it represents an eye-opening, ah-ha moment; an awakening to the restorative possibilities that exist when women come to the life-changing realization that their bodies deserve to be nourished inside and out. The Awakening brand represents a beautiful sisterhood of women from all walks of life who are determined to support each other in their unique journeys from hair loss to regrowth and recovery.